Artistic Abilities Class 1- Pinch Pots

Art Experience:
In this project we will work with clay to make a pinch pot using our imaginations! There are options to create pots that resemble animals, fruits, monsters and more. We will work with clay to create the basic element and when clay is close to dry we will move on to other stations to create/add texture as well as possibly paint our pinch pots.


Essential Understanding:

Students will learn how to shape clay and other materials into cute, fun, functional pinch pots.


-Students will develop and understanding of 3D art

-Students will be able to differentiate 2D art and 3D art

-Students will be able to express themselves using clay, by making a imaginative pinch pot

-Students will develop a better understanding of clay and the function of clay


1. Exploring clay as a medium 

2. Refining fine motor skills 

3. Expressing artistic ideas 

4. Developing problem solving skills


Full class documentation can be found here

Lesson plan


What worked well or this art experience? Why

  • The class was small which was very nice because we could all rotate and get to know each and every student personality. They all had a pretty good handle on clay and had a great time doing it. We tried to make sure each student created at least one pinch pot. After that we let them make an assortment of things like coli pots or little sculptures. They were all smiling, laughing and chatting with us wish was an amazing experience. I haven’t had much experience with the exceptional community and sometimes it makes me a little nervous. But having this experience has really helped me become more comfortable and gain some confidence with teaching.

What didn’t work well for this art experience? Why?

  • We had one student who made one pinch pot but then went to look for magazines. He is a big fan of them and once we realized that and customized a project for him to do with the he would give us the biggest smile. We also have one student who didn’t like the feeling of clay so we will have to remember that with future projects. Being in front of classes as much as possible to help me improve with my teaching and being in front of students.

What would you do differently? Why?

  • Now that we know a little bit more about each student’s personality we will be able to make sure there is little something in our lessons they will all enjoy. Keeping them all interested in a project that has aspects they will all enjoy will help them stay engaged and motivated. It’s also something fun we will all get to observe. See the pure joy on their faces reminds me why I want to be a teacher and I really need that right now. These classes are very forgiving and I can make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. That is very beneficial because everyone will need that learning curve before being launched into the full classroom.

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