Artistic Abilities Class 3- Creative Masks

Art Experience: 

We will be teaching students how to create a mask. We will show a slideshow of different masks (some historical, some cultural, and some aesthetics). This lesson is based on the museum visit for our fourth class. This exhibit is on masks created by different artists. These masks will eventually get auctioned off but are on display for the public prior to the auction. It is important to have the students gain prior knowledge about masks in general, before our museum visit. The students will gain a greater appreciation and more respect for the masks in the exhibit because of this lesson.

Essential Understanding:

 I understand the different ways to design and create a mask. I will gain a better understanding on how 3-D art can be functional and how creativity can inhabit different ways of making.


I can use historical, cultural, and aesthetics masks as references to create my own mask. I will gain knowledge and respect towards the mask making process. I will be able to use my prior knowledge from this lesson when viewing the mask exhibit for our next class. I can use my ideas and sketches as a starting point in the creative process of mask making.


1. Gain some historical background about masks 

2. Refine find motor skills 


Full class documentation can be found here

Lesson plan


What worked well for this art experience? Why? 

I'm really glad we had the transportation as a back pocket activity because they made the mask structures really fast. They really love the transportation project and i think its because they can be really creative and flexible with what they are using.

What didn't work well for this art experience? Why?

I expected the students to take more time with making the mask structure they went really fast thought it and i'm not sure they really understood the purpose of them. However it will be nice for next week because they will be dry and ready to decorate at the museum. 

What would you do differently? Why? 

I think i would have spent more time on masks in different cultures and touch more on the history. However I'm not sure how interested in them they will be and they will get a full mask experience next week.

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