Collecting Found Knowledge

Throughout the semester I collected found objects during my walks to and from class. These objects represent the knowledge I was collecting during my classes. I would relate an object to how I was feeling and what was going on in my life also in my class learning. I noticed that as the semester went on I had more and more objects that I could use to relate to my life. I also was able to come up with something to relate to little easier. I consider this art to be #trashformation. I am taking "trash" and transforming it into a beautiful found object sculpture that represents my life. I have been wanting to work with something more 3D and that gave me that inspiration to start collecting. I used one object for the majority of my journal entries so that my viewer could get a little taste as to what my sculpture as whole represent. It also acts like a search and find for the viewer to spot the objects I went more in depth about. In each of the entries I was able to focus on one thing and that helped me really figure out what I wanted to teach my students. I was able to single my mind on objective to accomplish. I want my objects to have the ability to slow freely but still be connected by an invisible thread, in my case fishing line. I want the viewer to view them as individual but also as a whole which is why I connected the whole thing to a bike tire. Using found objects keeps the end product kinda random and wouldn't allow me to plan detail by detail. I have to be flexible as to what my end product will look like just like how in teaching you have to be flexible to your scheduled and projects. That is a lesson I really learned a lot this semester and will help me become a successful teacher. I haven't done much with sculpture so that will be a fairly new art experience for me. I know I will have to focus on balance with this piece so it dose not  look off when it is all put together. (11/14/18)

I choose to use found objects because my project is about collecting knowledge and what better then using a material I have to physically collect. The found objects will for the most part be very different and i will never know what I am going to find. The same goes for not knowing what lessons I'm going to learn when teaching and what will stick with me from attending class. I don't want to plan my process to much because I want it to be spontaneous. A lot of the art I do lacks spontaneity and I want to challenge myself. Sculpture is also fairly new to me so that will be an experiment. I will combine all of my materials in a mobile like structure that I want to add lights to. I hope that the light will refract off of the glass shards but I'm not sure how successful that will be. (11/16/18)

Found objects hanging down representing the knowledge I've collected.

I added lights to give the piece an extra pop and to draw the eye back towards the top.

Rough plan for the finished piece and thought process on how to hang due to weight.



Some materials I collected while on my walks to and from class.

Artist Statement

Title: Collecting Found Knowledge

All of the items that I found/collected all semester represent knowledge that I have collected all my life. Not every object has a direct connection to my life (however if I gave it a lot of thought I could come up with something).  To the outside viewer its just a sculpture similar to how I am just a person at first glance. But once you spend the time to get to know me I'm unique and the life I have been though is unlike anyone else. If time is spent "getting to know" this sculpture you will see things you wouldn't notice at first glance. Among closer inspection you will notice beads and glass that have been thoughtfully arranged, objects you may recognize and some you may not. You may even see things you yourself have thrown away because it lose its usefulness. 

I had the idea for a found object sculpture since the very beginning and I knew I needed to get started right away if I wanted to collect enough objects. I wasn't sure where the idea was going until I found the bike tire. At first I thought maybe I'll make a dream catcher because i collect them. That Idea didn't last long because I knew I wouldn't be able to show enough of my object I spent time collecting. I also decided I didn't want it to be a very recognizable object. I sort of spun off the that idea and turned my bike tire to the orientation it is now. (truing artwork is something I have always neglected doing) I also haven't worked a lot with sculpture so I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and try something new.


I reflected a lot on what I have learned throughout my life while constructing and collecting this piece. I want to remember what I learn so I can apply it to my future and the future of my students. If I wouldn't have taken this course I wouldn't have thought of this project idea. The rest of the course really reinforced what I have been learning since I decided to become an art educator. It was hard in the beginning to remember to pick up objects and i had to really analyze them before i touched them to make sure they were safe. I did pick up a couple pieces of glass because they are a different and unique materials. I did was everything before I started construction. Actually constructing this piece was so much fun. I was able to lay out my spoils and pick and choose what I really liked, then go to town with arranging it in a balancing, eye catching way.


I feel so accomplished because I finished this semester long project and the semester itself. I'm so ready to just become a teacher. I want to share with my students this feeling of accomplishment when they finally finish what they are working on and the classes they are taking. There is nothing better then taking a step back and looking at all you have accomplished. (12/1/2018)

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