Artistic Abilities Class 4- Museum Visit

Art Experience:

For this lesson our group will be visiting the Fort Collins art museum to view the exhibit on masks made by members of the community.  We are going to teach students about the purpose of creating masks in our culture as well as others and encourage them to express their own ideas through decoration of the plaster cast masks they made last week.  Our students have expressed a lot interest in expressing their identities through art so our lesson will focus on the juxtaposition of disguising one’s identity with a mask while still expressing that identity through embellishment of said masks.

Essential understanding:

  • Students will understand how other members of the community have used masks to express their own identities.

  • Students will be able to transfer information gained from viewing the work of other artists into inspiration for their own artwork.

  • Students will understand how to use found materials and media to express their identities in a 3D mask.


  1. Students will be able to choose appropriate media to decorate their plaster casts masks in a way that expresses their own ideas about what makes them unique.

  2. Students will be able to observe the work of other artists and understand how their artistic choices determined the outcome of their artwork. 

  3. Students will be able to transfer this knowledge of artistic communication to the creation of their own artwork as they participate in a genuine artistic experience.


1. Work on observational skills

2. Applying inspiration into their own art


Full class documentation can be found here

Lesson plan


What worked well for this art experience? Why?

I think the change of location really helped the students reset their creative process. They all had a wonderful time looking at all the masks and I did to there were some great ones. I think the students got inspiration form the masks and some of them reflected that when they made them. 

What didn't work well for this art experience? Why? 

One students didn't like her mask and that was a little disappointing. She didn't want to take it home so it made it feel like we were a little unsuccessful for her. She also rushed though the museum and just wanted to get back and decorate hers. I think maybe masks just are not her thing.

What would you do differently? Why?

I think it would have been good if we had a couple mask structures already made. That way if someone didn't like how theirs turned out they could start fresh. I think that would have helped the student who didn't like hers. Also if someone just go done really early they could do another one or do a collaboration with someone ese or the entire class.

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