Rockrimmon Elementary School

Setting and Context

The Rockrimmon staff is one of the most welcoming staffs in any school I have been in. They are inclusive, kind and willing to help you whenever they can. I felt supported and cared for immediately when I started. The students here are great kids who love to learn and make art. They are kind and loving. I received many hugs and smiles a day.

Rickrimmon is also an inquiry based (ib) school and able to incorporate that into my art lessons. I worked with Mrs. Williams who is a fantastic art teacher and I was able to learn so much from her in such a short time. I will carry the knowledge I pick up with me thought the rest of my teaching career. 



White                 72.1%                 253

Black                 1.1%                     4

Hispanic           17.4%                   61

Asian Pacific       2%                      7

Total Students: 338

Agate Lesson

Creature Bio

Who We Are


Within this lesson third grade read the book "Agate: What Good is a Moose?" and learned the importance of being unique and yourself. They also all received their own agate stone that they used as inspiration a create a creature of their wildest imagination. They gave qualities of the stone to their creature. As well as a name and a personality. As a class we also discussed who we are and how kids from other countries are different than we are and that makes them unique and special. 

Keith Larson & Nikki Johnson

Artist Presentation

Agate IB Lesson

& Reflection

Found Painting Tools Lesson

This lesson was completed with fifth grade and kindergarten but can be done with any grade level. They used tempera paint and many difference found tools. Rock, sticks, balled up paper, string, plastic cutlery, pint tree branches, popsicle sticks and sponges. We look a Mary Karlton's painting and talked about how she does not use a brush to paint. The students were all engaged and active in the process. 

Found Tools Lesson

& Reflection 

Mary Karlton 


See Standard Alignment page within the 

Student Teaching tab.

Collaboration Lesson

This was a one day lesson with fifth, fourth and first. As a table group they received paper that was the size of the table as well as crayons, colored pencils and oil pastels. They were required to create one piece of art as a group by working collaboratively. The lesson was adjusted for kindergarten where they had partner drawings and were given a drawing prompt. Their prompt was to draw a planet and what plants and creatures you might find on that planet. This lesson is challenging but very impact for the students who have never has a chance to produce art with someone else. It also helps develop that worldly skill needed to succeed. 

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