I am an aspiring art teacher who strives to create a creative environment. I want my student to feel free to express themselves visually. I value professionalism, honesty, integrity and creative passion. I really love painting and printmaking and hope to teach my students those things among others. I have been told I create a calming presence in the classroom and that is something I hope to keep throughout my years of teaching. I also want my students to see that I also create art whether it be good or bad so they can see that I know what its like and I have the knowledge to teach them what they need to know to become a successful artist or designer. 

Standard 1: Demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in content

Within the drawing one class I taught a lesson on printmaking using cardboard and water soluble colored ink. The students were ahead of where they were planned to be by the time I taught so I had to all back on my printmaking knowledge in order to give a successful demo. The next class I was able to assist the students with the prints and many of them pulled very successful ones. I feel like I know art really well but I know that when I teach a medium I am somewhat unfamiliar with I will have to do some research and experimentation on my own time. There are certain mediums like printmaking I would consider myself proficient but others like drawing with I haven't done in awhile I would consider myself developing. Over all I would consider myself in between proficient and developing. 

Standard 2: Establish a safe and inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students

I consider myself proficient in standard two. Creating a safe, inclusive environment is crucial to art and those who participate in it. I want my students to feel free to express themselves and the things they believe creatively. I created this image that showcases the diverse population of Thompson Valley high school. I was at this high school twice a week for an entire semester. I got to know some students and teach some really cool lessons while I was there. This was overall a wonderful experience.  

To view in more detail visit the EDUC 450 page setting and context. 

Standard 3: Plans and delivers effective instruction and creates and environment that facilitates learning for students

I created a lesson plan that teaches students how to print using cardboard. I also presented them with a demo on the printing and inking process. Many of the students were not at that stage yet so during the next class I was able to work individually with the students on that process. The finished project the students created are successful and fun to look at. I would consider myself proficient when it comes to the instruction but developing when it comes to planning. Sometimes I have a hard time writing lesson plans. 

Lesson Plan

Standard 4: Teachers demonstrate professionalism though ethical conduct, reflection, and leadership

I personally really value professionalism. If i wear skirts and dressed I wear leggings or make sure they are at least below my knees. However being an art teacher sometimes the workplace outfits are a little difference so we don't ruin our nice clothes with paint, ink, charcoal etc. I also believe in creating professional relationships with students by not prying into their personal life but still taking an interest. I wait for students to open up to me and I make sure my follow up questions don't cross a line. I consider myself proficient in this standard because it is something that is always on the fore front of mind and I have been demonstrating professionalism since I was young. 

AVID Reflection


Overall I feel very happy with how the semester at Thompson Valley high school went. I was bale to observe two Wonderful art teachers as well as two student teachers. It was great to see everything form there prospective and talk to them about what to expect with students teaching. I also had the opportunity to monitor PSAT testing. I gained some insight on the little things to expect when you are a teacher. Like how parents ignore art teachers at conferences for the most part or the moments in class when you can sit down and just watch the students work. I'm very excited to start my net chapter as a teacher and can't wait to get into my own classroom and rock it. 

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