Collecting Found Knowledge

Journal 1 8/22/18


I have begun collecting items that I find to and from my walks to class everyday. They represent the knowledge I collect when I attend my education and art classes. My knowledge with all grow along with my collection as the semester progresses. 

Journal 2 8/29/18


Its easy to become distracted and stressed about everything that is thrown at you during your transformation from a student to a teacher. That is why its important to stick to the right path and not become to overwhelmed that you cant focus at the task at hand.

Journal 3 9/5/2018


While going through the semester its important for me to reflect on what I have learned in the past. It makes it much easier when adding new and complex information on to the old.

Journal 4 9/12/2018


I was reminded this past week. I really love my plants and when one doesn't make it its saddening. But everything comes to an end at some point and when it does its make room for something new.


Journal 5 9/19/2018


When it comes to art there isn't a right way to do it. I am learning lithography and its a lot harder then I had previously thought but I have figured out a few ways to make it easier on myself and my art still turns out how I want it

Journal 7 10/3/2018


In the 2/3 grade class we are turning rocks into creatures of our own creation. This was the rock that inspired me to create a little red creature from outer space who loves to visit earth children.

Journal 6 9/26/2018


Teaching is important and the kids you are teaching are so impressionable. They are watching and analyzing every move you make. They will pick up on bad behavior you didn't even know you had so watch yourself.

Journal 8 10/10/2018


Some times life hands you things you weren't expecting during a time when stress it at an all time high. But you have to keep chugging though because out of that defeat will come growth.

Journal 9 10/17/2018


The weather went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper. Break out your sweater and mittens cause tis the season for cold people. 

Journal 11 10/31/2018


I've been working in the print studio a lot lately and I have finally finished the project I have been working so hard on and the meaning really means a lot to me.

Journal 10 10/24/2018


We live in a small world where every 6th person you know knows someone else you know. That's crazy to think about and can be kinda scary or reassuring if you think about it too hard. 

Journal 12 11/7/2018


In life not everything has an answer. Everybody wishes they had answers that would hit them in the face because they are so obvious but no we have to decipher them if we even get any at all.

Journal 13 11/14/18


At the beginning of the semester I can up with a list of things that are important to me in terms of my teaching. Through the semester I have grown a lot in my confidence and knowledge of teaching. I think the only thing I would add to the current one is to be confident for me and for my students. Art is tricky business and if you are not confident in what you are doing you will never grow. If I don't demonstrate my confident to my students they wont make the connection that artists need to be confident. 

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