Artistic Abilities Class 2- Transportation Sculptures

Art Experience: 

We will teach students how to express their ideas using many different mediums in a sculptural style. We will brainstorm ideas about our favorite ways to get around and then create sculptures that represents these modes of transportation.  We found in our first lesson that many of our students expressed interest in vehicles such as planes and trucks and decided they would find personal relevance in creating their own representations of these everyday objects.

Essential Understanding:

I understand how to choose appropriate media and tools to transform found objects and provided materials into tangible expressions of my ideas about transportation.


Students will be able to use found objects to create a vehicle sculpture that uses everyday objects in a new way to express my ideas about how humans navigate and travel through the world they live in.


1. Work on creative problem solving

2. Explore many different materials 


Full class documentation can be found here

Lesson plan


What worked well for this art experience? Why?

I think the students had a great time brainstorming then going though the materials to figure out what would work with their idea. They were able to think in a new way by creating an idea then having to modify it to fit the materials. It was a great example of creative problem solving and with a little help they all did very well.

What didn't work well for this art experience? Why?

It was a pretty complex project and we knew they were capable of it however we did need more time on it. It took them all a little longer to gather the right materials for their transportation then we planned for. But we decided that this would be a good project for them to work on as they finish the others.

What would you do differently? Why? 

We gave the students time in the beginning of the class to paint their pots and in retrospect we should have giving that time to their new projects. Either save the transportation projects for a different day or did the painting later in the weeks. Either way I don't think it was to big of mistake to not fix. And it think it will be fun for them to keep working on this project a little every class.

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