Artistic Abilities Class 5- Piece of You

Art Experience:

A piece of you. We are going to make a collaborative project where students will get a giant puzzle piece and decorate it to represent themselves. This lesson will teach teamwork and collaboration which we haven't introduced yet and will be a good ending note for this class. It will also teach self understanding because this puzzle piece will be a piece of themselves (or in other words who they are and what they like).

Essential Understanding:

  • Artists and designers can collaborate to make works of art and design.

  • Artist and designers can explore their personal Identity and that can be represented through aesthetic decisions in art making.


  • Students will show their ability to work together as a group by creating  a collaborative 3D project.

  • Students will combine their ideas about their own identity with the identities of others by creating individual puzzle pieces that fit into a whole puzzle.

  • Students will demonstrate their ability to participate in a genuine artistic experience using found objects, paint and other media to express their ideas about identity.


1. Work on collaboration skills

2. Create work that has a personal meaning


Full class documentation can be found here

Lesson plan


What worked well for this art experience? Why?

The idea for the last project was a wonderful closing project. We talked about community and how we were a little community of people who like to create art and crafts. Everyone was so engaged and the teachers were able to participate in the projects as well. At the end we all put our pieces together and talked about how they represented us and our identity. When the puzzle was all put together it was a great representation of how different a community can be but that all of the pieces still fit together.

What didn't work well for this art experience? Why?

We were missing two students and that was a little disappointing because they were a part of our community for five weeks but were not represented in the final puzzle. We decided that the puzzle represented our class that day. We also had a couple into questions that were a little hard for them to answer. We were able to get the just across but we weren't able to get in depth as we had hoped.

What would have worked differently? Why? 

The teachers kinda took over putting the puzzle together which didn't engage the students in the way that was planned. I think if we had more time we could have come up with a better material for the puzzle pieces. We used cardboard and we could have gotten canvas pieces that fit together nicer. It would also be nice if we had more weeks to work with our students. We were at a breaking point when it comes to getting to know them. That is one thing I am really looking forward to when I am in my own classroom. being able to get to know my students and see them grow over a longer period of time.

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