Phase II (EDU 350)

Middle School Practicum

During Phase II I was placed into a seventh grade photography class and a seventh grade art class at Boltz Middle School. During this experience I was able to see how an art class functioned and learned how projects are planned and timed out. I was able to help students when they had questions and it felt really good when I was able to answer them. I also had the opportunity to hear from many other members of the educational field and gain knowledge on run, hide, fight training.

Teacher Quality Standards

Standard 1: ​Teachers demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach.

I was evaluated two times by my mentor teacher during the semester. In the middle and at the end and each of those times I realized I grew as a teacher. There were things my mentor teacher noticed that I didn't even know I was doing and now I can change those things or make sure I keep them around.

Standard 5: Teachers demonstrate leadership.​

I co-taught a pacing lesson during the lecture portion of Educ 350. My co-teacher talked about the subject while I painted it into a visual. Its important to reach all students in different learning styles and we accomplished that with our presentation.

Pacing Presentation


I participated in run, hide, fight training. The training was really intense and we were given a lot of information hopefully we will never have to use. I do feel a little better about the event should it arise. We learned statistics about how often shooting actually happen and how long they usually last. I feel better prepared to protect future students.

Run Hide Fight Training

My mentor gave me feedback during the lesson I co-taught and it is so valuable to me. The feedback with help me gain confidence and grow more as a future teacher.

Lesson Feedback

Boltz Middle School Dance

Standard 3: Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.  ​

During my time at Boltz I co-taught a lesson to a seventh grade art class. It was a great experience teaching and writing out a lesson plan as well as creating a power point to assist.

Lesson Plan

Power Point Slides

Standard 4: Teachers reflect on their practice. 



I acquired more information and knowledge on the pedagogical expertise of my field in education. These field notes demonstrate some of the experience I had.

Field Notes

I have been learning and taking notes on the current art education standards the state has in place. I need to learn theses like the back of my hand so I can be sure my students are learning the information they need.

Art Standards Notes

Standard 2: Teachers establish a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students. ​

I chaperoned a middle school dance. I had a wonderful experience making sure the student had a wonderful experience. I had to prevent a few things but that was a worthwhile experience.

During phase II I have grow expediently as a future teacher. I have more confidence in the classroom in front of students. I am able to express my teaching ideas and lessons more efficiently. I have made connections with other future teachers, my mentor teacher and my educ 350 professor. I have learned how an amazing school functions and why it runs the way it does. learning these things with help me take Boltz's ideals into whatever school I end up at and possible changing it for the good. However there are still places I need to grow like projecting my voice and growing my confidence even more.

A disposition I used was ethical behavior and integrity. I value honesty in my life and I believe that students do as well. it only takes one time for you to break your word and have students no longer trust you. Over the course of the semester I had a student tell me some personal thing and I knew she wasn't in any danger she was just telling me her story. I kept that story to myself because she trusted me to not share it. Professionalism is also something I model for my students every day. They will learn things from me that i'm not teaching in content like professionalism. I believe that ethical behavior and integrity is one of the most important disposition we can model for our students because it will help them develop characteristics they will use for the rest of their lives.


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